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Effective and Efficient Property Management

Your investment property requires ongoing, effective management to sustain capital growth and maximise your returns. Selecting the right Property Management in Brisbane is integral to the long-term performance of your property.

As Brisbane Property Managers, Opulence Property QLD has a wealth of experience in managing investment properties. We specialise in overseeing all aspects of the process including all legalities and regulations, leaving you free to focus on the more important things in life.

Why Choose a Property Manager In Brisbane For Your Investment Property?

Investment properties in cities such as Brisbane have fragmented statistics and demographics that shift suburb by suburb. This means your investment property requires hyper-local knowledge and the right strategy to secure the best possible tenants.

Opulence Property QLD offer specialist expertise in all areas of Property Management in Brisbane. Our knowledge of the Brisbane investment market can be helpful for you in determining future portfolio acquisitions, and in establishing which tenants you should be marketing your property to.

DIY Property Management can lessen your costs but it can also cause significant stress and frustration, particularly if you lead a busy life and/or don’t live near your investment property. Engaging a skilled Property Manager who understands the local property market not only saves you time, it also alleviates stress and frustration.

We Know What It Takes To Manage Your Property

Leasing out properties is a substantial responsibility. Avoid the stress associated with managing property and gain valuable time back. Opulence Property QLD’s Property Management services will help you secure quality tenants, manage their tenancy, and maintain your property for you. This aids in increasing your property’s performance and eliminates complications.

Our Property Managers are reliable, discreet, and trustworthy. They are an essential component to an owner's and tenant's positive experience.

What Services Do Property Managers Provide?

Property Managers exact responsibilities vary and are dependent on the terms of the contract they have with the property investors. All-inclusive Property Management services are wide-ranging and can include:

  • Investment property appraisal
  • Marketing properties
  • Securing quality tenants
  • Issuing tenancy agreements
  • Move in/out inventories
  • Handle tenant issues
  • Property maintenance
  • Rent collection
  • Administration

One of the roles of a Property Manager is to make sure the investment property is operating within the guidelines issued by the owner. They will also ensure the tenants occupy and maintain the property responsibly, and that the rent is received as per the terms of the lease.

What Is Included In Your Management Fee?

Management fees make up the bulk of the charges you can expect to pay for Property Management in Brisbane. They include all the regular activities that are performed in managing properties which include:

  • Rent collections
  • Organising maintenance and repairs
  • Supplying keys for tradespeople or inspections
  • Payment of council rates
  • Liaising with tenants, owners, and tradespeople
  • Attending to daily admin tasks and enquiries
  • Organising meter reading

Letting fee

A letting fee is a fee charged by a Property Manager for sourcing a new tenant for a vacant property. This involves conducting private viewings and open inspections, performing rental checks on applications received, drawing up legal documents, collecting security bonds and lodging them with the relevant tenancy bond authority and producing condition reports/inventories at the beginning and end of each tenancy.

Marketing Fees

Marketing fees include listing the property on real estate websites, advertising in local newspapers, signboards, and professional photography fees.

Lease Renewal Fee

At the end of the initial tenancy agreement, which typically lasts for one year, a lease renewal fee is charged if the tenant moves onto a fixed-term agreement.

Routine Inspection Fees

It is typical to include regular inspections of the investment property as part of the Property Management contract. The Property Manager will check the condition of the property regularly and charge a service fee.

Annual Statement fee

A statement fee is payable to obtain your annual summary covering the previous financial year.

Other Fees

 These are other costs that may arise during a tenancy which may include:

  • Title searches
  • Insurance claims
  • Court fees and service fees related to preparation of Court documents and travel costs if a tenant is being taken to Court

With our knowledge of the local market and local regulations alongside our reputation as strong negotiators, we have the patience, persistence, and dedication to find investment properties that match your requirements.

Average Fees for Property Management in Brisbane

Traditionally, fees for Brisbane Property Management are a confusing combination of ongoing management fees and administration costs, along with unforeseen ad hoc charges as they arise. You could expect every new let to incur advertising charges of several hundred dollars plus a new let fee equivalent to two weeks rent.

Similarly, the end of the tenancy will incur additional fees, such as a tenancy renewal fee and end of year statement. In between, there may be maintenance fees, inspections and other expenses that can eat into your profit and make it difficult to get a handle on whether your investment is performing as well as it should be.

However, there is another way.

The Modern Approach To Property Management In Brisbane

Opulence Property QLD have introduced a modern, easy approach to managing investment properties with the Opulence Management Subscription. We have streamlined the pricing structure to a monthly management subscription. You pay the same fee every month with no hidden fees or sundry fees, providing you with certainty about your income and Property Management expenses. In this way we optimise your available investment property income.

We still offer our unique, personalised approach with your subscription being based on what you need from our bespoke Property Management.

What to Expect from Property Management in Brisbane with Opulence Property QLD?

Alongside our unique, simplified, and transparent pricing we offer:

Bespoke Service

We offer a tailored service specific to your requirements for assets management and are committed to maximising your returns. We focus on reaching your property goals and ensure that your property is in safe, reliable hands.

Expert Knowledge And Local Connections

Our team are experienced and have a contact list of reliable and trusted professional service providers that we can call upon quickly if the need arises.

Allocation Of A Dedicated Property Manager

We ensure your investment is exceptionally cared for and managed, and remain available to answer your queries and calls at all times. 

Enhanced Property Performance

Make your property work to your advantage with quality Property Management services. We’ll handle the day-to-day, leaving you free to focus on other important aspects of your life. Know that your property is well cared for with minimal involvement on your end and simply sit back and enjoy the capital growth it stands to deliver over time.

We will take care of your investment property with minimal involvement on your end so you can simply sit back and enjoy the capital growth it stands to deliver over time.

Opulence Property QLD — Exceptional Brisbane Property Management

If you are seeking Brisbane Property Management that delivers professional service and works hard for you as the property investor, you need Opulence Property QLD Buyers Agent and Property Management. We have years of experience managing investment properties and understand the market in detail. This experience and understanding enable us to provide clients with valuable insights and boost the value of their investment properties.

We are skilled at helping you secure quality tenants who treat your property with respect and care for it as if it were their own. Our Brisbane Property Management services are second to none. Your assigned Property Manager is experienced and highly skilled, ensuring you receive exceptional value.

Contact Opulence Property QLD Buyers Agent and Property Management services today to speak with our friendly and professional team to learn more about our Property Management and Buyers Agent services.

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