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Who is behind Opulence Property QLD?

Amanda Turner. A millennial aiming to take the haste of a property purchase down a notch, focusing on client experience and an outcome that the buyer is in control of, the entire way through the process.

Opulence Property QLD had been an idea that took around three years to really come to a refined fruition. Three years of thought, reconstructing the focus, bouncing ideas off trusted friends, mentors and industry leaders to really get a clear understanding of where the gap is in the service industry of Real Estate.

Amanda Turner, OPQ Principal & Director has been in Real Estate for 10 years and counting. Usually going by Mandy and with her Pug by her side whenever possible, other than her spent in the industry, Amanda’s background/childhood was actually spent growing up in the Northern Territory on Cattle Stations. With a strong background in teamwork, loyalty, trust and an understanding within a very different life most may never come across, Amanda uses her valuable life skills and humble, down to earth childhood to her advantage. Below is her own authentic take on her "Why".

“OPQ went through many, many versions in my mind over the years for what I wanted to do, focus on and achieve for my clients, regardless of what that actual service was. I knew it would be something that I would not get into quickly or by accident. It had to be planned and purposeful. When I started in Real Estate, iPhones were VERY new to the market, let alone having iPads, so I learnt the very hands on, long way round process of a task that nowadays with the technology available, can take roughly 10 minutes.

I would not change how I learnt the ropes of Real Estate in my first 2-3 years, it makes reminds day to day to be much more appreciative and also excited by current and upcoming opportunities in technology I can utilize for my business to provide an ease to the process for my clients through buying property and managing their investments which ironically lets me utilize my time to create genuine, human relationships.

The main focus is client experience for Buyers, Landlords and our Tenants. The thought processes behind OPQ came from a few conversations with friends who were Landlords or tenants themselves, as well as conversations I have had with my Father as someone on the consumer side of a property and financial transactions.

From the get go, I have always thought of my Dad and how I would like to know he was being treated, communicated with and his own experience throughout a transaction. My dad, he grew up in Central QLD on a self-sufficient property with his family, working full time by around the age of 14. It was normal for his generation and as a male to be working that young, whilst what is our current generations “normal” education, came second. Dad is an incredibly smart man when it comes to Cattle Stations, The Management of Stations, Water Resource Management, Machinery, Trucks, Haulage, Livestock, you name it (and also being my amazing Dad), so he is far from uninformed or uneducated in any capacity. However, as he instilled in me from a very young age, regardless of what he does or does not know, he always likes to be sure to ask questions and take his time when it came to transaction advice and purchases. Over the recent years as I have moved through my career, he asked my advice on different subjects such as loans, purchasing property and general banking and tax questions that I was able to spend time and help him with, when the actual professionals themselves did not.

They (Financial institution Reps etc) did not see how it as part of their role to spend the extra ten minutes to assist him for a peace of mind as their client. Nor did they provide a feeling of trust or dependability to my Father, that there was an open opportunity for any questions to be asked for clarification. That to me is what I feel "Duty of Care" is. That to me is and was a failed relationship in its best light. It was also a missed opportunity for the future for those that did not that take that moment to "care" and lessons for myself that could not ignore or shake the frustration of for some time.

I guess that’s what has led me here, to make a change I wanted to see, I needed to start the change myself. I want to provide a positive experience for each of my clients, to create a relationship deeper than just a one sided, end result. To ensure they feel it is a safe space for them to ask all the questions they need and know I am providing all the information they should be aware of at any point of a service or transaction.

I honestly believe, there is a gap in the market due to the fact many individuals, across transactional industries, are not focusing on the relationship first, regardless how small or big it may be or how experienced a client may be in property purchase / property investment journey. Passion led me here."

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