OPQ Introduction P1.

Why another agency to enter the market?

Simple - There is a gap in the market due to the fact many individuals, across transactional industries, are not focusing on the relationship first, regardless how small or big it may be.

Human relationships - It’s hard work, its time consuming, but to be at the end, when your client achieves their goals with your assistance throughout – that is our why. That achievement celebration. The updates we have received about a client’s home, their family growing, their dog photos or even getting back in touch to buy their next home.

All good things take time, and OPQ is going to only get better. Our drive to assist individuals in purchasing their home or investment, to then also take on their management where applicable is only a small part of what our business is about.

The creation of Opulence Property QLD was not intended to the biggest agency nor to take over the industry.

OPQ is here to assist buyers and landlords alike that seek the service of genuine, experienced and thoughtfulness nature they deserve as a part of buying an incredibly important asset or managing their investment.

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