2020, Where to Now?

As we move toward the second half of 2020, we will see opportunities arise in many forms of a real estate transaction.   For landlords this may be on the back of homeowners needing to sell their homes or relocate for work opportunities and /or family needs, the demand for 6-12 months leases a needed, increasing the need for rental property availability.  As many tenants will stay put in their current arrangements where possible, vacancy rates may be seen to shift to a point where shortages become a real situation in markets that may not have experienced in the past.   Or as Buyers, with uncertainties behind bank movements, sellers and developers alike will have a gentrified approach to their pricing expectations, the need to negotiate in certain markets is more than others and as well as also their own motivations potentially being under more pressure to move on for their own purposes of releasing themselves of financial commitments However, with many still considering options, and after many conversations, many changes and focuses across the board pivoting strategy, we do want to let you know what OPQ is experiencing between conversation, engagement and client needs and how we may see the remainder of the year may play out.

Savvy Simplification - Landlords Many of our landlord clients, current & new, have sought to simplify decisions based on priority, current situation and what they believe will be essential for them to come out on track in 12 months time.  The simplification factor draws away from confusion & distraction for the plan ahead, keeping the end target in sight amongst what feels currently like a clutter of unknown.  This is and will be seen as bringing a portfolio of properties together to one agency, a change in who they bank with and how or even upon renewal being open to longer leases without a significant increase of rent to ensure they still retain a great tenancy. Refocusing - Buyers Our buying clients have taken this time to pause and reflect on their current briefs & adjusting their goals based on their respective changes.  A number of individuals feel they may be at square one, or two steps behind currently, however, an element of adaptability has seen a positive effect on the pivot for our clients to continue with us to buy their next property for their home or wealth creation in either a different price backed, location or investment return strategy of starting at a different point of growth.   Value Assessment - Landlords & Buyers OPQ has received a number of new enquiries from buyers and landlords refocusing their attention during this time to get a true understanding of where their money is going, who it's going to & how it's being spent.  Unfortunately, a lot are finding service agreements are no longer performing as they need / should with their current agents and are seeking alternatives that suit their needs financially & communicatively.  Client's are and will continue to be increasingly seeking the flexibility and personable approach to their transaction and service engagements with professional agencies. Want to discuss how we can help you keep on track for your real estate needs? Or maybe you need assistance in pivoting your focus/strategy? OPQ can assist on a number of levels of real estate transactions and strategy.   We would love to hear from you - contact me directly via the details below. Amanda Turner Director Opulence Property QLD 0458658549

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