Opulence Property QLD

Launched by Principal Director, Amanda Turner, in 2019, we are a specialist Brisbane Buyers Agent and Property Management service that offers truly outstanding service.

Opulence Property QLD provides customised real estate services tailored to our individual clients’ needs. We’ve built our trusted reputation by going above and beyond to locate the perfect property for our valued clients.

With a superior understanding of the market and strong relationships with agents, sellers, and contractors we can also manage your property so you can dedicate your time to managing other important aspects of your life.

Why Use A Buyers Agent?

If you have never engaged the professional services of a Buyers Agent such as Opulence Property QLD, you may be wondering how it can be of benefit to you. Just like seeking professional financial advice or seeing a specialist, a Buyers Agent is highly skilled in their field and can deliver better results than you would achieve on your own.

With a Buyers Agent you:

Save Time Finding Your Ideal Property

Searching for properties can be exciting but is also frustrating at times. Tasks such as creating a shortlist, juggling viewing appointments and the travel time involved in going to see the property is incredibly time-consuming.

Appointing a Buyers Agent allows you to reclaim your time and alleviates a great deal of stress from the process.  Our expertise allows us to create a shortlist of ideal property options that meet your criteria as closely as possible.

Local Property Market Knowledge

As property Buyers Agents in Brisbane, we go above and beyond. Our knowledge of the local area property market, will give you an accurate picture of what the property offers in terms of its surrounding facilities, amenities and lifestyle.

Additionally, we’ll know if there is anything about a property’s location that could affect its value in both the short and long-term, such as:

  • Any nearby development applications
  • Planned council infrastructure changes
  • Recent property sale prices
  • Essential location information including details of busy roads, noise impacts and zoning.

This ensures that whether you are buying your forever home or an investment, you are best placed to make an informed decision.

Local Contacts

We have built up a network of trusted contacts that give us priority access to new properties before they are listed. We can offer you first refusal on anything that matches your brief ensuring you never miss a great opportunity due to your busy schedule.

A Buyers Agent takes away the strain of negotiating a purchase price on the property of your choosing.

Investing? You’ll Need Exceptional Property Management

Whether you have just purchased your first investment property or have a portfolio of investment properties, securing a highly skilled and organised Property Management team is a must. Managing investment properties, particularly if you have multiple investment properties involves a lot of administration, legislation and specialised skills.

When you engage us as your Property Managers, we deliver exceptional service and highly effective Property Management through:

Bespoke Service

Our services are tailored to your specific requirements, we recognise our clients all have unique needs and cater to this accordingly. We are committed to getting to know you and delivering above expectations.

Expert Knowledge And Local Connections

Our Property Managers handle all aspects of your investment including sourcing quality tenants, applying compliance requirements and arranging repairs and maintenance efficiently via our network of trusted professionals.

Simplified And Transparent Pricing

We have a simplified and fresh approach to management fees with a monthly subscription for the services you choose. This subscription costs the same every month with pricing conveniently capped for 24 months.

Work With The Best

Regardless of whether you are hunting for your dream home, seeking a smart investment opportunity or quality Property Management services, we can help. We are passionate about supporting our clients through all aspects of property purchasing and management. We thrive on delivering outcomes and services that not only meet but exceed expectations.

No matter where you are at in your journey of property acquisition or ownership engaging Opulence Property QLD’s Buyers Agent and Property Management services is the best choice.

To learn more about our bespoke services, contact our friendly and professional team today on (07) 3096 0466.