Our expertise and ability to connect with relevant agents, sellers, tenants and corporate relationships allow us to provide our clients with options for their desired outcomes, QLD wide.

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Opulence Property QLD launched with a vision to set a new standard of client experience. 


Our strategy, process and systems have been developed to serve and improve our clients experience through their real estate transactions.

OPQ provide tailored services for each client, whether it be to utilise one of our professional resources or a full end to end facilitation of our Buyers Agent expertise, to signing management of your property within our Boutique Property Management.

Principal Director, Amanda launched OPQ in 2019 with a pure client focus.


Amanda is from the Outback of the Northern Territory, and although it may be hard to pick on the first meet, her work ethic will confirm it with her dedication and never shying away from a challenge.  


There is plenty of definitive points in how her considerably unique way of growing up in a different life has made a positive impact on her client experiences in achieving their real estate goals.  Amanda won’t tell you that though, you will see that via the feedback and reviews of current and past clients.


Amanda approaches a client’s engagement with the end in mind, engineering the strategy and plan in reverse to not only finer details, but with a clear pathway of small milestones along the way to the desired goal, continually keeping the progress of the real estate transaction moving closer to their goals each day.


By her genuine gift of the ability to stop and listen to her clients, to immerse herself in understanding needs, requirements and possible underlying factors that may not be first communicated, Amanda conducts herself with a clear focus on her clients.  Communicating clearly for their expectations throughout an engagement, being readily available to discuss ideas, queries and concerns along the way.  


Transparency is key and with Amanda, at its best with the reassurance of a bespoke and superior service when you engage Opulence Property QLD to assist you with your real estate goals.

Residential Property

Buyers Agent

Committing to a property purchase can be difficult and overwhelming.  Through our Property Purchase methods, our agents will help to guide you in every step of the process, Queensland Wide.

Buyers Agent Services 

Buyers Agent Services QLD


Relocation Services

Our Relocation services provide clients seeking rental accommodation in the SEQ peace of mind to have their desired property secured on their behalf whilst they continue the logistic of the big move on their end.

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Residential Property Management Services

As a standalone service or a complimenting progression through our Property Purchase services, our property management department combines efficiency, communicative and strategized approach to your investment journey, short or long term.

PM Services




External Appointee Property Services

Due to the nature of such services, please contact our office directly if you would like to discuss engagement of our services:

MIP - Mortgage in Possession

Receiver Sales

Liquidation Sales

Deceased Estate Property

Public Trustee Sales

Statutory Trustee Sales

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