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Opulence Property QLD is a specialist Buyers Agent team in Brisbane comprised of experienced real estate agent professionals who look after the buyer’s interest, rather than the sellers.

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Investment properties in cities such as Brisbane have fragmented statistics and demographics that shift suburb by suburb. This means your investment property requires hyper-local knowledge and the right strategy to secure the best possible tenants.

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At Opulence Property QLD, our Buyers Agents value your time and make the process of finding and securing your next property purchase hassle-free.

What We Do

At Opulence Property QLD, we are Buyers Agents and Property Managers who specialise in serving the exacting needs of busy property owners.

Launched in 2019 by Principal Director, Amanda Turner, our reputation for transcending the ordinary is based on the bespoke approach we use to achieve our clients’ desired property outcomes.

We pride ourselves on exceeding our client’s expectations through a combination of proactive service and exclusive local industry insights.

We know, like most Australians, our clients have time pressures. We also understand that finding the right home for your family is important. However, finding the perfect house to your exact specifications in a convenient location can be a difficult task. Finding the right house that also feels like home, is an entirely different challenge.

At Opulence Property QLD, as Buyers Agents, we take this time-consuming and often frustrating task and turn it into an efficient, streamlined process, the result of which is you and your family moving into your new home.

T.S Eliot was famously quoted as saying, "Home is where one starts from". And he was absolutely right, which is why, as professional Buyers Agents, that’s where we begin. Whether it’s your first home, your next home, your forever home, or your retirement home, we can help you find your place to start from.

We Represent Buyers

While property sellers are represented by real estate agents, buyers typically don’t have anyone to ensure their best interests are protected. For buyers of exclusive properties, who have discerning requirements, it makes sense to navigate the buying process with a professional Buyers Advocate. At Brisbane-based Opulence Property QLD, we are property professionals with local area knowledge and contacts, who navigate the buying process with confidence and expertise.

We offer a superior level of care achieved by a genuine ability to focus on the individual objectives of every client. With neutral, informed and independent advice, our priority is to acquire the right property, in the right location at the right price point for our clients.

We Listen To What You Want

Searching for properties on your own can be fraught with challenges. As Buyers Agents, we overcome these obstacles by relying on our experience in the industry and expertise in discovering what our clients really want from a property.

The most important part of our process, and what sets us apart from other Buyers Agents, is the time we take to build a real understanding of your property needs. We research thoroughly, ensuring that you don’t waste time viewing unsuitable properties that don’t match your requirements. Trusting us as your Buyers Agent lets you reclaim your time and makes the buying process smooth and effective.

Finding the right home for your family is so important.

We Have Extensive Local Knowledge

A good Buyers Agent knows their market and can advise their clients honestly and accurately. When you engage us as your property Buyers Agents in Brisbane, our extensive knowledge of the market can paint an accurate picture of what a property offers in terms of its surrounding facilities, amenities and lifestyle. We’ll know if there is anything about a property’s location that may affect its desirability, such as a nearby development or if it’s on a busy main road.

We Know What’s Coming To The Market

There’s nothing more disappointing than finding the perfect property and discovering that it was sold before you had the chance to make an offer. We have an impressive contact list of sellers’ agents who know our reputation for representing genuine clients who are serious about buying well-appointed properties around Queensland.

This gives us access to new and exclusive properties before they go to market and puts our clients at an advantage in securing the perfect property, without the time and frustration of trawling through the internet.

We Can Negotiate The Purchase On Your Behalf

Retaining a Buyers Advocate to negotiate your purchase on your behalf removes the indecision and emotion from buying property. Fortunately, this is one thing you can cross off ‘To-Do’ list with the help of Opulence Property QLD.

As Buyers Agents, we can take the strain of negotiating a purchase price on the property of your choosing. Particularly if you are facing high levels of competition from other interested parties, you can trust us to negotiate your property purchase on your terms. With our diligent research and down-to-earth professional approach, our aim is always to conclude the property transaction as swiftly as possible, meaning less stress and worry for our clients.

Opulence Property QLD Buyers Agents have an in-depth knowledge of the factors that will influence the saleability of a property, such as its market value and seller motivations. These insights are critical to both submitting a standout offer and avoid paying too much for a property.

Sometimes being your advocate also means having honest and frank conversations about properties that might seem to fulfil the criteria but could be a potential disappointment. You can be assured that when a sale no longer remains in your best interests, we’ll advise you to walk away.

Our Other Services: we offer Property Management in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and Gold Coast.

Investing in property is one thing; rental management is altogether a different skill set. It can be a stressful and tedious process to find the right tenants and ensure your investment property is properly maintained. At Opulence Property QLD, we offer end to end Property Management services for your investment  property. With our tailored services and fixed monthly fees, investors can feel secure in the knowledge that their interests are well looked after by an experienced team with a modern approach to managing investment properties in Queensland.

Our residential asset management services in Brisbane include:

  • tenancy management
  • physical Property Management
  • capital works and project management

Remove stress from managing investment and wealth creation assets by entrusting your investment property to Opulence Property QLD.

Other Areas We Service

If you are searching for your perfect property elsewhere in Queensland, including on the Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast, we can assist you with the same local area expertise and professionalism that we offer our Brisbane clients.

We pride ourselves on having repeat business after years of fostering professional, confidential relationships with our clients. To find out how we can help you, email us today.

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